Breakfast Meal Prep

Want to stop eating out so much? Meal prepping is always an option. It’s cheaper and better for your body. Here is my breakfast meal prep for the week in under $20. I purchased peaches, mango, vanilla Greek yogurt, granola with dried fruit, and iced coffee to keep myself from my usual trip to Dunkin. […]

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Decor Ideas

Looking to make your room a little girlier or change up your decor? I’ll share some tips I found! Add a stylish tray with unique, glass perfume bottles. So chic! I recently purchased this perfume set from my local Victoria’s Secret. Add some sort of tray to your dresser area to set your necessities on. […]

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Homemade Face Mask

I’m all for face masks. After a little bit of thought, I considered what is actually plastered on those gooey sheets. I decided to create my own face mask. Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil Add 1 tablespoon of tumeric Heat in a little bowl in the microwave for 25 seconds Stir Apply with a […]

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Mascara Dupe

Y’all, so who’s looking for a new mascara? I know I always am! A fashion blogger I follow on Instagram is always talking about L’Oréal telescopic. She gets so many compliments/questions about her lashes, and she always boasts about L’Oréal telescopic. I finally gave in and caved, after months of hearing about it. Let’s just […]

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Date Cake

I’m going to share a super simple & delicious recipe to make a homemade date cake! I added an extra tablespoon of butter to the mixture. Once the mixture is combined, bake for 25 minutes or until a toothpick is inserted and comes out clean. And that’s it! Super quick, easy, & savory. Xoxo, Kels💋

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SHEIN Clothing Review

Shein is an affordable, stylish clothing website. I decided to give it a try when I complimented an outfit a friend was wearing, and she replied saying that it was bought online from shein. I recently purchased an order online from shein of just a few items because I wasn’t sure how the quality would […]

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Adventure Time 🌻

I love those last minute adventures, which is exactly what I did today. One of my best friend’s and I decided to venture to a nearby field of sunflowers that we never knew existed! When we first arrived, we were absolutely astounded by the beauty. It was like nothing we had ever seen before. Instead […]

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